Bodo Centre Activities

The Bodo Archaeological Society runs interpretive programming and tours at the Bodo Archaeological Site and Centre. The mission and purpose of the Bodo Archaeological Society (BAS) is to promote public archaeology, education and conservation of historical and archaeological resources at the Bodo Archaeological Sites. The tours and programs at Bodo, which showcase fascinating archaeological sites unique to indigenous bison hunting camps of Canada’s Plains indigenous groups, engage and educate the public by providing an authentic experience at an archaeological excavation. These programs also promote an understanding, awareness and appreciation of the discipline of archaeology and Indigenous culture in what is now Alberta. We have programming for all ages with options that suit your interests and time. Our educated and enthusiastic tour guides will lead you through our site and centre. Programs offered include drop-in tours, school tours, kids camps, an adult dig camp and tipi camping. Our centre is open from May to August. We also hold various other activities through the winter months including guest speaker's and workshops.

For more information about our programs, tours, and activities please visit our website: or contact us by email or phone.