Calgary Centre Speaker Series

2016/2017 Speaker Series - Invited speakers present their research and knowledge to our members.

September 21: Mike Waters (Texas A&M). Archaeological and Genetic Evidence for the Late Pleistocene Peopling of the Americas

October 19: Bob Dawe & Marcel Kornfeld (Royal Alberta Museum & University of Wyoming). Nunataks and Valley Glaciers: the Icy Corridor

November 16: Erik Johannesson (Pacific Lutheran University). Before the Khans: The Archaeology of the Xiongnu Empire in Mongolia (209 BC-200 AD)

January 18:  Barney Reeves & Margaret Kennedys (University of Saskatchewan).  Medicine Wheels and Ceremonial Landscapes: Building on  Richard G. Forbis’s Pioneering Contributions)

February 15:  Michael C. Wilson (Douglass College).  Animal Landscapes and Animal Monuments of Plains First Nations, from Antler  Piles to Medicine Wheels

March 15:  Elizabeth Arnold (Grand Valley State U.).  Bringing the Food to the City: How stable isotope analyses of animal remains can address this question

April 20:  Meaghan Peurmaki-Brown (Athabasca University).  Ancient Maya Settlement and Resource Development in East-Central Belize

These talks take place on the third Wednesday of the month, in room ES 162 at the University of Calgary. The talks begin at 7:30 pm.