Calgary Centre Speaker Series

2021-2022 Speaker Series:

Invited speakers present their research and knowledge to our members. These talks usually take place on the third Wednesday of the month in the Patricia A. Whelan Room at the Calgary Public Library – Central Location. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all lectures are currently held online. Please visit the Calgary centre`s website: to register. Those outside Calgary should contact Calgary Centre at to register. Note: You need to be a member of the Calgary Public Library to view the online lectures. The talks begin at 7:00 pm.

September 16 (Online): Camilla Speller (University of British Columbia). ‘Paleoproteomics’: How the study of ancient proteins can enhance our understanding of ancient diet, subsistence and cuisine.

October 20 (Online): Doug Stenton (University of Waterloo/Trent University). The View from Shore: New Perspectives on the Archaeology of the 1845 Franklin Expedition.

November 18 (Online): Ted Binnema (University of Northern British Columbia). Cartographic Poetry: Five Indigenous Maps from 1801 and 1802.

January 18 (Online): Erik Johannesson (University of Calgary). In the Shadow of the Pharaohs: Mapping Tombs and Mortuary Practice in Egypt's Valley of the Kings.

February 16 (Online): Grant Zazula (Yukon Palaeontologist, Government of Yukon). Frozen Ice Age fossils from the Yukon.

March 16 (Online):  Doug Bamforth (University of Colorado - Boulder). Social Change, Social Aggregation, Pottery, and Pawnee/Arikara Ethnogenesis on the Central Great Plains.

April 20 (Online): Marica Cassis (University of Calgary). Medieval archaeology in the Near East: Why it Matters.


Abstracts for the talks, as well as past talks, can be found on Calgary centre`s website: