Calgary Centre Speaker Series

2018/2019 Speaker Series - Invited speakers present their research and knowledge to our members.

September 19 (ES 162): Jack Brink (Curator Emiritus, Royal Alberta Museum). Archaeological Survey, and a UNESCO World Heritage Nomination, for Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park

October 17 (ES 162): Ben Potter (University of Alaska Fairbanks). Ancient Beringians and the Colonization of the Americas

November 21 (ES 162): Terence Clark (University of Saskatchewan). T’i s-tsitsiy-im-ut-?e (They worked here): the shíshálh Archaeological Research Project (sARP)

January 16 (ICT 121):  Elizabeth H. Paris (University of Calgary). Ancient Maya Lithic Technology in the Jovel Valley of Chiapas, Mexico

February 20 (ICT 121):  Jenna Hurtubise ().  Entanglements of Conquest: The Chimú conquest of the Casma at Pan de Azúcar de Nepeña, Nepeña Valley, Peru

March 20 (ICT 121):  Patrick Rennie (). The MacHaffie Site and its Place in NW Plains Archaeology

April 17 (ICT 121):  Kisha Supernant (University of Calgary). Mobility, Material Culture, and Metis Identity: A Comparison of 19th Century Wintering Camps in the Canadian West

These talks take place on the third Wednesday of the month, in Room ES 162 (Fall) & ICT 121 (Spring) at the University of Calgary. The talks begin at 7:30 pm.

Click here for the abstracts of the talks (PDF).