The 2021 Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Archaeological Society of Alberta

The Archaeological Society of Alberta held a COVID-safe, online conference on May 1st, 2021. Admission was free of charge, but if donations were accepted. Thank you to all those that donated to the ASA!

Conference Schedule

Saturday Morning - 9:00 am until 12:00 pm (Online)

Saturday - Noon (Online)
ASA Annual Meeting

Saturday - Afternoon (or anytime really)
Self-guided visit to an archaeological site in your area or further away - it's up to you!


The conference began at 9:00 am with an opening greeting and presentations from across the province. Click here for the presentation schedule and abstracts. The abstracts have the contact emails of the presenters. I am sure they would love to hear from you if you have questions or comments.

The Association of Consulting Archaeologists gave out an award for the best student paper! Congratulations to Deanna Andreschefski and Megan Fisk! Click here to check out the details of the Bea Loveseth Award on the ACA website.


Our Annual General Meeting followed the presentations. Reports were presented from the President, Treasurer, the Editors of the AAR, and each of the six ASA regional centres. Attendees heard about the impactful activities that took place last year, despite the challenges of COVID-19! Plus, we will elect next year's executive team. Click back on the About page to see the new executive of the ASA.

Click here for the AGM agenda and package.


As is tradition for every ASA conference, we also planed field trips; they are one of the highlights of the conference - it wouldn't be an ASA conference without one! This year, each ASA regional centre put together a self-guided tour. All of these tours are included in the conference package - you can go out an explore sites across the province in a COVID-safe way!

Click here for the complete field trip package.

Click here for Bodo Centre's field trip.

Click here for Calgary Centre's field trip.

Click here for Edmonton Centre's field trip.

Click here for Lethbridge Centre's field trip.

Click here for Red Deer Centre's field trip.

Click here for South Eastern Centre's field trip.


Thanks to all of those that joined us for the conference and AGM! For those that missed it, feel free to read through the presentation abstracts and download the field trip guides. Thank you for your continued engagement and support!





The Archaeological Society of Alberta Annual Conference 2022

The Archaeological Society of Alberta is excited to be co-hosting the Canadian Archaeological Association Conference in 2022. This conference, originally planned for 2020, was rescheduled. The conference will be held in Edmonton, Alberta. The rescheduled dates will be announced soon.