ASA Distinguished Service Award and John Dormaar Award

The Archaeological Society of Alberta (ASA) recognizes members that have made exceptional contributions to the society by awarding them the Distinguished Service Award.

The following criteria are used to assess nominations for this prestigious award:

1) Candidate must be a member in good standing of the Society.

2) Candidate must have made a distinguished record of service to the Society or to an Archaeological discipline as a member of the Society.

3) The award will be made at the Annual General Meeting of the Society at the Banquet following the Meeting.

4) The recipient will be given a suitably inscribed, framed, scroll certificate signed by the President and the Secretary.

The Award Committee shall be a standing Committee consisting of the President, the Past-President and the Executive-Secretary.

The Award Committee shall each year receive nominations for the Distinguished Service Award from the Executive of any Centre or from a member in good standing of the Society. Nominations must be signed by the Secretary of the Centre, or three members in good standing. Nominations must be accompanied by a summary indicating the service qualifications of the nominee. The nomination should be received by the Award Committee by the end of the calendar year prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Archaeological Society of Alberta.

Click here for the ASA Distinguished Service Award Guidelines (PDF)

Click here for the ASA Distinguished Service Award Application (PDF)

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This award was established by the ASA to honour the memory of Johan (John) Dormaar (1930 - 2011).

The John Dormaar award will be presented to an individual who, through production of a substantive piece of written work, has significantly advanced the understanding and appreciation of Alberta archaeology and related disciplines. It is an “occasional” award, announced at the ASA Annual General Meeting.

The nomination/application deadline is March 1st for presentation at the AGM. Nominations are accepted throughout the year. An Award Selection Committee will be created each year by the Society Executive to evaluate the nomination/application; recommendations will be then be presented to the executive.

There may be an option of making a joint nomination for a pair of members whose contributions are inseparable, or for a posthumous nomination for a deceased member of the ASA.

The Award serves to recognize a written piece of work by a student, a professional or an avocationalist, for a professional or general audience.

1) Dissemination in a provincial or regional journal, a book, a monograph, on the web, or in the visual arts;

2) Or in a newspaper, or a magazine;

3) Or as an unpublished piece, such as a manuscript;

4) Or a presentation at an ASA AGM followed by written submission of the paper or poster material.

Priority will be given to nominees/applicants that who’s research involved more than one discipline:  History, Archaeology, Native studies, Landscape Science, such as Geology, Soils, Geomorphology, etc, as long as archaeology was a part of it, in recoginition of John’s multi-disciplinary expertise.

The topic or the work submitted should be based in Northwestern North America. 

An Award amount of $1,000.00 will be presented to the recipient, as well as a suitably inscribed parchment that will be signed by the provincial President and Executive Secretary-Treasurer.

Click here for the ASA John Dormaar Award Guidelines (PDF)