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Record in Stone: Familiar Projectile Points from Alberta, 4th Edition
Archaeological Society of Alberta


Archaeology in Alberta:
A View from the New Millennium
Jack W. Brink
John F. Dormaar


Onaka-Katzi (Sundial Butte)
James Carpenter


Crystal Spring Indian Camp Site
J. Arthur Spencer


Exploring Archaeology in Alberta
Kids Activity Book
Shawn Bubel and Kenzie Ferguson
(ASA Lethbridge Centre)

Coming Together on
Native Sacred Sites
Brian Reeves and Margaret Kennedy

$20.00 - Paper Copy
$10.00 - Digital Copy


Archaeological Society of Alberta
Field Notebook
(Rite in the Rain waterproof pages with
table and graphing pages)





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97 Eton Road West
Lethbridge, AB T1K 4T9
Phone: (403) 381-2655

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