Archaeological Society of Alberta Grant Program

Research Assistance Grants and Special Activity Grants are available to Society centres, Alberta Educational Institutions and individual members of the ASA with centre support (a letter confirming center support signed by the centre president must accompany the application). Joint projects between individual centres and other groups or institutions are particularly welcomed. Expenses to be covered may include honoraria, travel and accommodation, purchase of supplies.

Deadlines for Applications:
Applications must be submitted to the ASA Provincial Secretary no later than January 15th and September 15th. Only in exceptional circumstances and with prior approval of the Provincial President, may applications be submitted outside these deadlines.
1. The ASA will fund, in part, projects which receive government or private support, on a cost-sharing basis.
2. Individuals or groups performing ASA funded projects must submit a follow-up report describing the program/activity suitable for publication in the Alberta Archaeological Review. This report will be accompanied by an acceptable audited financial statement to the ASA by March 31st following completion of the project.
3. The ASA will disclose to the Society at large the amount of assistance allocated to each special project in the annual ASA financial statement presented at the Annual Meeting and subsequently publish it in the Alberta Archaeological Review.
4. Acknowledgment of funding support from the ASA shall be made at events or in any publication, presented papers or web pages, resulting from the funded project.

The Society may from time to time agree to provide additional funding for a grant project. In such a case the applicant should submit a written request to the Provincial Executive Secretary/Treasurer who will obtain the approval of the Provincial Executive for such a request to be considered. Such special projects may be research projects where the timing does not make it possible for funding to be obtained from more traditional sources, publication subventions.

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