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Talking Archaeology: First Peoples of the Rocky Mountain West at the La Prele Mammoth Site

7:00 PM

Speaker: Todd Surovell

Online Event:

Nearly 13,000 years ago in the greater North Platte River valley of Converse County, Wyoming, a group of people killed a subadult Columbian mammoth and established a camp nearby. Since 1987, archaeologists from the University of Wyoming have been investigating the physical remains that the first inhabitants of the area left behind. In the nearly 40 years since the site’s discovery, our understanding of the La Prele Mammoth site has changed dramatically. Every season of investigation has yielded surprising findings, lending new insights into the technology, subsistence, and mobility of the early Paleoindian peoples of Wyoming. In this talk, Dr. Todd Surovell will provide an overview of the work at the site and what they have learned.