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Application and Reimbursement Process

For October 2023 to September 2024 funding cycle, we are required to fill 30 positions. Employers must be Alberta-based businesses/organizations or publicly funded post-secondary institutions.

Step 1: Provide the ASA with a Job Description for each placement;

  • the employer is responsible for finding and hiring their post-secondary students or recent grads. The ASA can post the position on our website and Facebook page. 
  • students must be attending or recent graduates of a public Alberta post-secondary who can legally work in Alberta. 
  • there is no limit to the number of placements an employer can apply for as long as a different student fills each placement. ASA recommends limiting your placement numbers if you have yet to recruit for those placements.  

Once the job description is approved and aligns with our guidelines (see below), the employer will have a placement spot if their company/organization can hire for that position and meet their financial obligations.  If you wish to apply after all 30 placements have been filled for the 2023-2024 funding cycle, please get in touch with the Provincial Coordinator for further information. 

By participating in the WIL program, employer names (i.e. organization name) and the number of placements used will be public information. 

Step 2: When the student is hired, please inform the ASA Provincial Coordinator so that an Employer Intake Form and Student Intake Form can be sent to both the student and employer. 

Step 3: The ASA Provincial Coordinator will communicate with the Employer at least once during the placement term. If the placement end date changes, please inform the Provincial Coordinator immediately. 

Step 4: Once the placement term is completed, again inform the ASA so that an Exit Form can be sent. The student and employer will fill out separate Exit Forms. Once both Exit Forms, the Student 300-word write-up, and payroll information have been completed, please forward to the ASA for release of funding. 

Job Description Guidelines

The placement being hired for should be in one of the following fields: archaeology, anthropology, cultural resource management, museum studies, heritage, and historical positions. Employers may be archaeological societies, post-secondary institutions, private archaeological consulting firms, museums, etc. Placements will include meaningful workplace experience through potential cooperative education opportunities, internships, possible service-learning partnerships with organizations to identify and solve specific challenges, applied research projects and/or field placements.

We can provide an example of a job description if needed. 

Please forward the job description to