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Archaeology in Alberta: A View from the New Millennium
Archaeology in Alberta: A View from the New Millennium
ISBN 978-0-7785285-3-1
Written by
Edited by Jack W. Brink and John F. Dormaar
  • Climate and landscape of the last 2000 years in Alberta, Alwynne B. Beaudoin
  • Aboriginal bows and arrows and other weapons in Alberta: the last 2,000 years, or longer?, Heinz W. Pyszczyk 
  • Archaeology on the Alberta Plains: the last two thousand years, Trevor R. Peck and Caroline R. Hudecek-Cuffe 
  • Tipi rings and Alberta archaeology: a brief overview, Gerald A. Oetelaar
  • Pre-contact pottery in Alberta: an overview, Dale Walde and David Meyer
  • Spirit images, medicine rocks: the rock art of Alberta, Michael A. Klassen 
  • Archaeology and geography of vision quest sites, John F. Dormaar
  • A review of certain stone alignments and rock cairns in Alberta archaeology, J. Brink, K. Wright-Fedyniak and D. Wetzel
  • Napi figures: boulder outline effigies on the Plains, J. Rod Vickers
  • Alberta, Athapaskans and Apachean origins, John W. Ives 
  • The first 2000 years of oil sands history: ancient hunters at the northwest outlet of Glacial Lake Agassiz, Nancy Saxberg and Brian O.K. Reeves 
  • Before the Alberta century, Eldon Yellowhorn