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Vision Statement

The Archaeological Society of Alberta enhances the public’s understanding of Alberta’s archaeological resources and instils an appreciation of our collective past. The Archaeological Society of Alberta advocates for the safeguarding of our non-renewable cultural heritage.

Mission Statement

The objectives of the Archaeological Society of Alberta are to:

Advance education in archaeology and related disciplines in Alberta by:

  1. Disseminating archaeological information to all interested persons. This may be in the form of public talks, events, school visits, publications, and social media;
  2. Investing in ASA centres across the province that educate and engage the public;
  3. Providing training, advice, and assistance in the proper methods of locating, excavating, classifying, recording, and studying archaeological sites and the artifacts recovered;
  4. Facilitating networking to share information and best practices in archaeology;
  5. Engaging with academics, cultural resources management (CRM) professionals, and the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit (FNMI);
  6. Providing scholarships to outstanding students studying archaeology.

Assist the Archaeological Survey, Alberta Culture and Tourism and its successors in:

  1. Protecting and preserving archaeological sites designated as historical resources under the Alberta Heritage Act, 1973 (subsequently renamed Alberta Historical Resources Act) and any amendments thereto;
  2. Encouraging the reporting of archaeological sites;
  3. Discouraging the collection of archaeological remains by individuals or groups without permitted authorization.

Values Statement

The Archaeological Society of Alberta values education, collaboration, accessibility, diversity, and the preservation of our cultural resources. The Archaeological Society of Alberta is committed to creating ways to educate and share knowledge about our past that are inclusive and accessible to all Albertans.